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Where do I hide our sex toys? - Uncovering Intimacy

When I was a teenager I discovered my mom vibrator and ended up using it. Ultimately, this ended up being a shared sex toy that went back and forth between our rooms, which, is something I am not proud of today, at all. Please don’t assume that your curious kids won’t do anything if they discover your toys.

7 Clever Places to Hide Your Sex Toys When You Have Kids

While some go to great lengths to keep their stash from their kids’ plain view, others just hide it simply in their drawers. So if you can’t seem to find a place to hide your sex toys, and you have your curious littlies at home, these people’s answers might help you find the right place. 1. Grab Yourself A Lockable Vibrator Case

Where to Hide Your Sex Toys So Your Kids Don't Find Them ...

Some people hide their sex toys under mattresses or in suitcases in closets. Some keep theirs in their nightstand or under the bed, or high in a cabinet where their children can't reach. But children can climb, and in-laws are (often) taller. What would you do if your children, or anyone in your family, found your sex toys? Gah!

Keep Your Sex Toys Safe With These Inconspicuous Storage ...

Keep Your Sex Toys Safe With These Inconspicuous Storage Options. You finally purchased that sex toy you've been dreaming about for months. Congrats, now where do you store it? If you live alone, you can keep it in the box under your bed and call it a day.

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Where do you hide your sex toys? Do I get some sex toys? There’s something wrong with my boyfriend Im a 14 year old boy and want a sex toy. I want a sex toy, where do i buy one and where do I hide it? Using toys w boyf Should I Be Open With My Dad? Getting a sex toy ... show 10 more sex toys as a minor

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‘There are plenty of sex toy storage devices out there, like dust-protective satin pouches, as well as travel locks so they don’t switch on when you’re going through customs.

Ladies who live with parents, where do you hide your sex toys ...

3. level 1. Jenbic99. · 7y ♀. I also had this problem but found a great place. If you've got a chest of drawers, take the bottom drawer out and put whatever you need to hide on the floor (under the drawer) then put the drawer back in place. Hope this makes sense. 3. level 2.

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However, it's okay to feel uncomfortable when you're buying a sex toy, so you may prefer to hide it under another product. Place the other product on top of the sex toy or drape it over it. This works best if your sex toy is in a shopping basket. However, you can definitely hide it in your hand, as well.

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The sex toy industry is a billion-dollar market with countless makes, models and modes designed to maximize pleasure and boost your sex life — and, yes, we love our cool, fancy and high-tech ...

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Manna is available for all your sex toy naming needs on Twitter. While we're on the topic, check out 10 Sex Toys That Make Your Weirdest Fetish Seem Sane and 9 Utterly Insane Products Released by Famous Brands. Related: 'The Queen's Gambit' Is 'Rocky' With Chess Get More of This!